Ramadan is finished

Ramadan is finished 16th June 2018 in India.

During Ramadan, 
Muslims refrain from eating, drinking 
and smoking from dawn to sunset.

This fasting is intended to bring 
the faithful closer to God and to remind them 
of the suffering of those less fortunate.

Muslims celebrate the last date of Ramadan called Eid. 
They prepare feast and invite relatives and friends.

Amjad -ji, the manager of the guest house
in Sujata village,
"SACHI HOME-Sujata Yoga Resort"
invited us to Eid at his house.

 Whole family is in new dresses to celebrate the Eid.

And these are the dishes of Eid!

Having meat is not allowed during Ramadan, 
but chicken is served today 
for the first time in a month.

 Chicken tikka(chicken saute)
Chicken biryani(Chicken rice dish)
 Curry of chick pea

I forgot to take a picture, 
but sweet milk rice was also served. 
For me, it was the best milk rice I had ever eaten.

The dishes were all very nice and tasty.
Thank you very much!


The next day of Eid, 
a festival called “Eid Milan” was held 
near Mahabodhi Temple in Bodhgaya 
which is one of the world heritages.

Charity is very important in Islam, 
and even more so during Ramadan.

Eid Milan is also done by charity, 
so anyone who attend the festival 
can enjoy the food for free.

Young men are serving 
for the guests with smiles. 

Their faces tell that they are happy 
to celebrate the day from the bottom of their heart.

People come and go one after another.

They were serving three kinds.

The left is sweet pudding.
 The upper is sour.
 The bottom is crispy noodles 
soaked in sweet hot milk. 
They were so tasty! 


If you go through the entrance of the site 
decollated with balloons, 
you will see Mahabodhi Temple 
where Buddha attained enlightenment.

In a Hindu country India,
Next to the sacred place for Buddhists,
Muslims are holding a festival.

The festival welcomes not only Muslims 
but anybody regardless of religions.

I thought it was great!

This land welcomes anybody.


Unfortunately, there are religious conflicts 
in some places like Kashmir. 

There was a terrorist bombing attack 
by Islamist extremist 
near Mahabodhi Temple in 2013.

But most of the people respect each other 
and live together.

That’s why Eid Milan is held at the place 
very close to the terrorism occurred.  

It looked like the symbol of 
respect for each other and coexistence.

Amazing and wonderful, isn't it?

From Meera


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