Invitation during Ramadan

Amjad -ji, the manager of the guest house 
in Sujata village, 
"SACHI HOME-Sujata Yoga Resort" 
invited us to his house.

His house is on one of an alley in Bodhgaya, 
across the river from the village.

He is welcoming us at the entrance!

You live here!

Amjad-ji is a Muslim living in India 
and this is a month of Ramadan for Muslims.

(Last article about him click here)

During Ramadan, 
Muslims don’t eat nor drink in the day time 
but after sunset at certain time, 
they enjoy their meal.

 He invited us to such special meal.

Many plates were already prepared 
when we entered the room.


Looks so nice!

It was about 6:30 PM 
when we arrived his house.

Amjad-ji said,

“Please wait.
Today’s meal starts at 6:45 PM”.

 It is amazing that 
all the Muslims start eating 
at same time after one day fasting.

Watch is a must for Muslims, isn’t it?

One of the nephew of Amjad-ji 
brought pink colored drinks 
just at 6:45 and we started eating.

 The drink is made by milk and rosewater
and tastes like sweet milkshake.

The drink is topped with raisin and cashew nut.

So that Indian raisin is made by
 muscat grape, it is green.

 For not to surprise the stomach 
after the fasting, they first drink slowly 
and gradually start eating.

25 dishes are all different.

One dish I expected as salty was sweet, 
and another dish I expected as sweet was sour actually.

It was a nice and fun experience for me.

 Deep fried eggs and vegetables,
Sabji of chickpea,
Puri(Fried bread),
Seasonal fruit such as litchi, 
mango, watermelon and so on.

It looks like a feast, 
but Amjad-ji told us 
that they are normal every day dishes.

All the dishes cooked by his wife and daughter 
were so nice and tasty. 

We enjoyed it!

Thank you for your invitation, Amjad-ji!

This is his family.

He packed us dishes to take home 
in lunch box called dabbawalla.

Thanks again.

From Meera


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