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Sujata village adventure tour

What's “Sujata village”  in India like? It’s a quiet village which remains  traditional style of living.  You may feel like  as if you are time-traveling to  several hundreds of years ago. “Rice planting scene from Sujata temple” Hindu teachings are connected deeply to their lives, “Girls praying at Shiva temple” If you walk in the village,  you’ll meet buffalos marching. “Buffalos are moving on the main street of the village” You will see children enjoy playing in the water, “Children are jumping into the small pond!” At the same place, you’ll see a man bathing. “Village men often bath outside, anywhere.” You’ll meet someone carrying load  in an acrobatic way. “A woman carrying long logs on her head.” “A man carrying something on his head  while riding a bicycle!” Sujata village itself is quite an ADVENTURE for you who are living life without spice in it. But the village has mo

Beauty of women creating something

Raining Severe hotness more than 40 ℃   in daytime is finished and  now we have heavy rainfall  several times a day in Sujata village. It’s really a rainy season! “Dried up Niranjana river  almost all the time of year  now has a flow of water. You can see Mahabodhi temple  registered as a World Heritage Site  from opposite side of the river  in Sujata village.” Between the rainfall of the daytime,  clouds cover the sky and  it is cool as I wear long-sleeved shirt.  It’s hard to believe  that we were experiencing  severe hot days until recently. “Niranjana river and the sky, beginning of July.  These blue sky and white clouds are gone now.  It was only one month ago…” Rainy and cloudy days are going to last  for the time being,  but there’s a place where always sunny  and colorful flowers bloom in Sujata village. The place is… Sujata Ashram! The place is for encouraging village women  to be indep

If you walk in Sujata village

I’m yokko. I like to walk early in the morning  before it gets hot outside. In Sujata village,  people say “ Namaste~ ” each other  when they meet on a street  even to the person you don’t know. By the way… I share what happens  if you walk in the village. 🌿 What is your name? Many locals ask to me  and they also tell their names. Thank you very much,  but I cannot remember  unfamiliar Indian names… (View of Sujata village) 🌿 Do you have any brothers or sisters? Many locals ask me this,  but I don’t get the point  why people want to know... 🌿Shaking Hands Children put out their hands for me  to shake hands.  I feel like somewhat I’m a celebrity. 🌿Silver tooth  I have a silver tooth by dental treatment.  When I smile, the tooth can be seen easily.  Locals are very interested in silver tooth and  many questions I get!!! Just walking in the village  brings me to this kind of