Season of Khajur (Dates)

Wanna eat this?

Is this…acorn???

A young nice guy Anand from Sujata village 
offered me this and I tried cautiously.

Oh, it’s sweet!

And it’s similar to dried fruit dates which I love.

It was not acorn.

 Then, shall we go, Meera-san?

To where?


He pointed a palm tree 
in the backyard of a guest house
in Sujata village,
"SACHI HOME-Sujata Yoga Resort".

I and other two young Indians followed him.

One of them climbed the palm tree with a long stick.

Two of them opened a wide cloth and we were ready.

The man on the tree drops fruit of the tree 
by the stick and others collect them under the tree.

They pick the fruit 
which dropped on the ground 
by hand and eat directly also.

The fruit is called “khajur” in Hindi 
and actually, it is dates.

On the other hand, 
fruit of toddy palm is called koa.

Few weeks ago, 
you could see village people 
climbing the toddy palms 
to take koa and eating under the trees.

Jelly like koa was also nice, 
but the season is already passed.

The shell of koa is very hard 
and there are few portion to eat.

 There are kinds of palms 
and the seasons of the fruit 
and tastes are completely different.

Villagers know about surrounding plants very well. 

They know which is consumable 
and when is the season 
and don’t miss the gift from the nature.

I feel it is a rich life rooted to the earth 
and the people live here have real zest to live.

From Meera


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