Hindu Wedding Ceremony

It seems like 
Hindu wedding ceremony is awesome.

In Japan, in the not so distant past
 during the period of high economic growth, 
wedding ceremony was also luxurious.

But there's a world of difference in between.

It is said that even Maharaja would go bankrupt 
if he had three daughters.

Ceremony takes one week at least.

If you carry out full ceremony, 
it takes one month or more.

I’ve heared villagers saying with a sigh, 

“There’s no other choice. 
It’s an Indian tradition.”

Today, a family group of one bride 
from Gaya city gathered to a house 
of the bridegroom in Sujata village. 

Gaya is about 13km from the village 
and the group consists of 
only male relatives of the bride.

The purpose of the visit is 
to bring gifts and cash as a dowry.

Although Indian laws against dowries 
have been in effect for decades, 

this tradition still widely exists 
and accepted in all over India.

The total amount of dowry 
can be double or triple 
of the annual income of the groom.

Though the practice of dowry abuse 
including murder of brides is rising in India…

 The father of the groom invited us 
to the wedding ceremony 
and we participated!

Around the house of the groom is decollated.

The entrance of the house is full of balloons!

What made me surprised 
when I entered the big hall 
was the number of guests!

The hall is large enough to play the tennis, 
but the room was jam packed. 

It was difficult even to leach the seats for ladies 
but we managed to sit down.

The guests are focusing on the ceremony 
carrying out in the middle of the room .

The man with the flower garland is the groom.

The man with white hair next to the groom 
is the father of the groom.

The man to the right is a Hindu priest.

Yes, this ceremony is carried out without a bride.
Only male relatives of the bride participate
from the bride side,.

Few days later, 
the groom side will visit 
the house of bride to take her. 

In the ceremony, 
red colored pattern for good luck 
is painted to the feet of the groom.

The priest put a leaf to 
the forehead of the groom 
and the male guests follow him.

Those kind of rituals are performed 
whole day with some breaks.

We were invited to the night ceremony. 
So, we went the house again 
to see the decollated lights.

While the gents are enjoying meal, 
the ladies sing Hindu traditional music 
and dance around.

When the gents finished the meal, 
it’s time for ladies. 

We moved to spacious roof top 
of the house and had feast.

Boys who had finished meal serve for ladies.

Ladies enjoyed the great dinner 
endlessly served.

Hindu wedding ceremony is witnessed 
by huge number of relatives and neighbors.

From today, 
the ceremony continues every day 
for seven days 
and the last day will be a climax.

500 to 600 people are invited 
on the last day and dance for all night.


Well, I heared that in Hindi language, 
the word meaning “divorce” doesn’t exist.

It means that Indians never divorce basically.

The number of people who divorce in cities 
recently growing, though.

What I felt when I participated
 the village marriage ceremony was below.

If you are given sacred religious ceremonies 
in front of such number of people, 
then you will naturally regard 
your partner as a lifetime one.

From Meera


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