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Thursday’s Pooja (worship)

There’s a pooja room (room for worship) in the guest house  "SACHI HOME-Sujata Yoga Resort" in Sujata village in India. “Pooja room in SACHI HOME @Sujata village in India” If you step inside the room,  you will see Hindu Gods  such as Krishna and Ganesh. The owner of SACHI HOME says  it’s a high energetic place. You can feel it if you enter the room. It’s quiet and sacred place. It’s a good place to pray and meditate.  You can easily concentrate. “Pooja room in SACHI HOME @Sujata village in India” Everyday morning and evening,  one of the staffs do poojas (Hindu worship). Before pooja,  you have to take shower from top to toe of your body  and you cannot eat before pooja. It’s very important rules and Indians keep these strictly. On Thursdays, special pooja is added to every day pooja. Aromatic wood chip and ghee are mixed in a bowl  and preparation of the pooja started. Ghee is refined butt

Japanese traditional ecobag in Sujata village, India

In Sujata village,  there’s a community center for women  called “Sujata Ashram”.  In the Ashram, village women can learn skills  to generate money such as sawing. Former article about the Ashram is here .   The other day,  we made Japanese traditional reusable shopping bag  called Azuma-bukuro with girls  who come to learn how to saw to the Ashram! “Making Azuma-bukuro with Indian girls at Sujata Ashram” Why Japanese eco-bag Azuma-bukuro…? Because… We want to change the situation of the village  full of garbage everywhere. “The current situation of garbage of Sujata village” There’s NO collecting system of garbage,  without segregation,  garbage from houses are thrown away  to the street or vacant land… We hope the village to regain  the beauty by reducing garbage. “Beautiful agricultural field of Sujata village” So, we start from what we can do. That’s why we introduced Japanese Azuma-bukuro  as a