It’s a Mango season in Sujata village, India!

 Mango trees in Sujata village 
are loaded with fruit.

 You will see boys 
picking fruit with long stick 
if you walk through village.

I once thought 
the fruit is already ripen 

but the truth is that 
the fruit is still green. 
Hard and sour.

It takes a little bit more time 
for the mango 
to get sweet and creamy 
you know well.

Ok, here is a quiz for you.

 Why do boys pick up 
hard and sour 
green mango?

 Choose the answer 
from among the three!!!

1. They make fruit sweetened 
with chemical

2. They eat green mango as they are.

3.They make juice.

The answer is…

All are correct!

A villager told me 
that if you put green mango 
inside white powder, 
it become sweet after one night.

Villagers say 
that all the sweet mango 
you see in the market 
at this moment got through this treatment.

 The white powder bothers me a little bit, 
but I sometimes enjoy 
sweet and juicy mango.

Next way to eat green mango is 
just eating as it is.

Indians peel and cut 
solid and yellowish green mango. 

Then they top salt and Indian spice called “masala” 
and it’s ready to eat!

I strongly recommend you this way 
to eat green mango.

Spice and salt match 
sour and subtle sweet green mango very well.

You will get hooked on this taste.

In the end, juice of green mango!

It doesn’t look so nice maybe 
but it’s tasty and cools your body. 

So it’s very nice to take in this hot season.

The juice is made of green mango, 
spice called “cumin”, 
red hot pepper and sugar.

I will share you
how to make the juice next article.

Don’t miss it!

From Meera


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