Mahabodhi Temple in Bodhgaya, Holy Site of Buddhism

World Heritage “Mahabodhi Temple” is 
in Bodhgaya, India, 
just across Nyranjana river 
from healing Sujata village.

You can cross the river by walk 
except rainy season and 
it’s only 15-minute-walk from the village.
(5 minutes by autorickshaw) 

Mahabodhi Temple is circled in yellow 
in the picture below 
taken from Sujata village.

It is more like desert than river 
at this moment…

Buddha also walked this Nyranjana river 
from Sujata village to Bodhgaya, 
after a daughter of the landlord Sujata
offered him milk rice. 

And he got enlightened 
under the banyan tree of Bodhgaya.

As one of the holy sites 
related to Lord Buddha, 
Buddhists from all over the world 
come here to worship. 

Tibetan monks are repeating 
placing knees, hands and forehead 
on the ground to show utmost respect.

Vietnamese monks and nuns 
are walking around small shrine 
chanting sutra/mantra.

Sri Lanka, Thailand, 
Cambodia, China and Korea…

Many Hindus also come to worship.

Meditating alone or altogether 
with many people…

 Color of stoles 
worn by monks and nuns are different.

Nationalities are also different.

Each person is worshiping in the way 
of the country branch or in his/her own. 

No rules.
Your way is welcomed.

 No formalities.

Never mind the others.

I want to throw away 
worldly desires 
and evil passions 

and want to arrive at 
a deep awareness of things 
like Buddha.

Only this passion is needed.


You may not even have to obtain 
such passion at all.

Because this is the holy power spot 
where Buddha got enlightened.

 Just coming here and touching the energy 
makes you change and
 you realize something.

 Mahabodhi Temple is such place.

And Sujata village locates 
just across the river from the temple.

From Meera


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