How to make green mango juice?

From Sujata village of mango season, in India.

I shared three ways of 
eating unripen green mango 
in Sujata village in last article.

Today, I present you the third way, 
how to make green mango juice!

Young nice guy from the village 
cooked the juice. 

His name is Anand, 
same name as Buddha’s favorite disciple.

 He is a reliable vice manager 
of the guest house 

He loves the village very much 
and also good-looking, isn’t he?

He only took three months Japanese lesson,
but he speaks Japanese quite well.

One day, he suddenly said to me in Japanese,

“I make mango juice today. 
Please taste!”

And picked four mango from the tree of the garden 
and started to boil!!!

You boil it!!!

“Yes, we boil it 
until it gets tender.”

Other procedure carries on
while boiling.

He started roasting one of spices,
cumin and hot pepper on a frying pan.

When the cumin get browned,
he put them into a grinder
and get them powdered.

“Please taste the powder.”



Of course.

But mixture of 
grounded roasted cumin 
and hot pepper were tasty itself 
and it made me surprised.

In the meantime, 
the mango got tender.

The color changed and it looks like potatos!

Peel the skin,

Take out the seed,
Mash the pulp and pour water.

Then put the cumin and hot pepper powder 
and sugar, 
mix them all together 
and it’s done!

Sweet and sour.
Hot and spicy.

You will be hooked to this Indian taste.

The juice cools your body.

It’s a grandma's recipe 
to get along with summer season.

Anand says it is also good
to use the juice for shower water.

It is said that the juice protects your skin
from the strong heat and sunshine.


It is a secret of grandmothers 
from Sujata village.

From Meera


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