Beauty of women creating something


Severe hotness more than 40
  in daytime is finished and 
now we have heavy rainfall 
several times a day in Sujata village.

It’s really a rainy season!

“Dried up Niranjana river 
almost all the time of year 
now has a flow of water.

You can see Mahabodhi temple 
registered as a World Heritage Site 
from opposite side of the river 
in Sujata village.”

Between the rainfall of the daytime, 
clouds cover the sky and 
it is cool as I wear long-sleeved shirt. 

It’s hard to believe 
that we were experiencing 
severe hot days until recently.

“Niranjana river and the sky, beginning of July. 
These blue sky and white clouds are gone now. 
It was only one month ago…”

Rainy and cloudy days are going to last 
for the time being, 
but there’s a place where always sunny 
and colorful flowers bloom in Sujata village.

The place is…

Sujata Ashram!

The place is for encouraging village women
 to be independent. 
Here, the village ladies have an opportunity 
to get skills of sawing or other skills.

Women from Sujata village and 
other villages near by gather here 
almost every day. 

They are from teenagers to the old. 

From 8:30 to 11:30, 
three teachers teach teenagers 
how to saw and girls practice.

“She is making a baby cloth for her family.”

“She is making her mother’s traditional blouse.”

Panjabi suit for her own,
 Special blouse wearing under traditional wear sari,
Baby or small kids wear of their family’s…

Girls bring old cloth from their houses, 
make dress patterns from old newspapers.


 After 11:30 to 15:00, 
teachers and skilled ladies make 
fair trade products to be sold in Japan.

 Women who are creating 
something is beautiful.

The power of women is infinite.

Every lady in the world has the power.

Each has her own seed of flower 
and she can bloom it by herself.

I am overwhelmed whenever I come here. 
The ladies from Sujata village choke me up… 

Their concentration to 
one very thing in front of them,

tender smiles and beautiful black eyes 
when they look up…

 When they realize I am not wearing sari 
in a beautiful way, 
they stop their work and make it in a proper way 
just like a mother.
They are soft and powerful.
It’s like a thin soft pink dress of 
celestial maiden covering the Ashram.

 Sujata ashram is filled with women dream 
which leads to future. 

Only women can make this atmosphere.

It is in a peaceful Sujata village.

From Mika


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