Three holly temples of Sujata village(Part 1)

Vicram, a nice young man 
from Sujata village 

shared us a movie 
featuring holly temples of the village 
made by Indian government.

This is Vicram.
He speaks English and Japanese.

He’s the type who makes foreign friends quickly. 
Especially he is popular 
among older madams than him.

Japanese mams, 
Vietnamese mams…
He’s got many mams all over the world.

Sorry, I didn't mean to go on so long.
Let’s get started!
The movie shows us 
three sacred temples of the village.

People kept worshiping for their ancestors 
from time immemorial 
at those temples.

Pray for the ancestors to reach Moksha.

it is liberty and to achieve ultimate liberty.

You can feel the atmosphere of the village and temples 
even though narrated in Hindi.

Click to see the movie!

I’m going to share what was spoken in English, 
so don’t worry about it.

How was the movie?
Did you like it?

I hope you enjoyed 
the vibe of the village.

The first temple shown in the movie is 
Sarswati Temple”.

The temple locates next to Falgu river 
which runs dry almost all the year.

Saraswati is the goddess of knowledge 
and the wife of Brahma 
known as God who created the universe.

In the Temple, 
the footprint of God Shiva is remained 
as proof of his real visit.

Plenty of Shiva lingams are standing 
in the temple also. 

Lingam is a symbol of the energy 
and potential of Shiva himself.

Shiva lingam is made of 
lingam (representing Lord Shiva) and 
Yoni (symbolizes Goddess Shakti).

It represents the law of life or universe 
and is worshiped from ancient times in India.


In next article, 
I will share about Matangwapi temple
(commonly known as Shiva temple

in the movie
which locates 4km from Saraswati temple.

Don't miss it!


On the way to Saraswati temple
you can see a big holly banyan tree 
called Totoro-no-ki.

The place is filled with sacred energy.

A cute statue of Buddha is sitting 
on the foot of the tree 
and welcomes you anytime.

The tree is in the middle of nowhere.

If you wish to have a quiet and relaxing time, 
I recommend you to be here.

From Meera


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