Have you finished breakfast?

From Sujata village, India.

“Naashta ho gaya?”

I asked Amjad-ji in Hindi, 
“Have you finished breakfast?”.

I was just excited to use 
the Hindi phrase 
which I recently remembered.

But Amjad-ji and 
the young Indian man next to him 
both smiled confusedly.

I wondered, 
“Was my Hindi wrong…?”

Actually, it wasn’t.

“I’m on fasting”
Amjad-ji answered.

Oh, sorry for asking!

He is a Muslim living in India.

India is famous for Hinduism, 
but there exist 
many kinds of religions actually.

Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, 
Sikhism and Jainism etc.

No matter what religion he or she belongs, 
everybody believes in his or her God 
and it seems they respect 
different religions each other.

From 16th of May to 14th of June, 
Muslim people don’t eat nor drink 
from dawn until sunset 
because it is a month of Ramadan.

It's in extremely hot season 
in Sujata village, India.

Surviving the day time 
over 40℃ 
without even water…

For me, Japanese, 
it is unbelievable fact.

I thought this is somewhat amazing 
and asked more about Islam to Amjad-ji.

“For us, praying five times a day is 
very important. 

In addition, 
to be punctual for praying time is 
also quite important.

We pray every day at
 4 AM, 2 PM, 5 PM, 6:45 PM and 9 PM."


He goes to bed 
about 12 o’clock at night 

and he gets up after few hours 
for the pray of 4 AM.

After praying, 
he goes to sleep again for few hours.

Every day!!

He is a manager of guest house 
"SACHI HOME" in Sujata village.

He crosses the river 
between Sujata village and Bodhgaya 
by walk every day 
for the pray of 2 PM.

He never misses the pray
even if there is an important job.

For him,
It's nothing special.
It's natural.

Ordinary days 
from his boyhood.

Multireligious country India.

No matter what religion 
he or she belongs, 

his or her belief and daily lives are 
connected strongly 
and rooted in usual days.

It is said that 
religious conflict sometimes occurs, 

but it seems Indians respect 
different religion basically.

Amjad-ji gained trust from Hindus 
and they say, 
“Amjad-ji is a very nice guy!”.  

He is a man with rugged looks.
But to tell you the truth, 
he is very shy.

When you meet him in Sujata village, 
please talk to him from you.

You will see his shy smile.

From Meera 


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