Thursday’s Pooja (worship)

There’s a pooja room
(room for worship)
in the guest house 
in Sujata village in India.

“Pooja room in SACHI HOME @Sujata village in India”

If you step inside the room, 
you will see Hindu Gods 
such as Krishna and Ganesh.

The owner of SACHI HOME says 
it’s a high energetic place.

You can feel it if you enter the room.
It’s quiet and sacred place.

It’s a good place to pray and meditate. 
You can easily concentrate.

“Pooja room in SACHI HOME @Sujata village in India”

Everyday morning and evening, 
one of the staffs do poojas (Hindu worship).

Before pooja, 
you have to take shower from top to toe of your body 
and you cannot eat before pooja.

It’s very important rules and Indians keep these strictly.

On Thursdays, special pooja is added to every day pooja.

Aromatic wood chip and ghee are mixed in a bowl 
and preparation of the pooja started.

Ghee is refined butter and thought to be sacred. 

“Mixing aromatic wood chip and ghee for pooja”

Then, outside of the pooja room, 
fuel called goitha is burned and wait for it gets charcoal.

(Goitha is made from cow dung and rice or wheat straw.)

“Wait for goitha turns into charcoal”

When the goitha is ready, 
it is moved to a vessel for pooja.

“Charcoal goitha is moved to vessel for pooja”

After putting it in front of the altar…

“Ready for pooja!”

A staff pour water from a pot 
to the altar outside and pray.

“Prayer for outside altar”

Again, back in the pooja room, 
the staff starts to put wood chip 
on burning goitha again and again.

“Ritual to put wood chip on burning goitha”

It is similar to Japanese Shoko. 
Japanese people usually do this kind of ritual in funeral.

Smoke starts to fill the room.

For Hindu people, cow is God.

So, dung of cow is also sacred.
Smoke of goitha made of cow dung 
is believed to have a power of healing or purification.

People say it is scientifically proven.

During this ritual, 
he keeps chanting Mantra “Om Nama Shiva”.

Movie of this ritual is below.

“Movie: ritual to put aromatic wood chip to goitha”

At the end, he grabs the vessel with goitha 
and wood chip and purifies around the Gods on the altar.

“Movie: worship for Gods with smoke of goitha and wood chip”

The young man carrying on pooja is high school student.

He takes pooja for granted. 
He knows how to do and carries out pooja naturally. 

Pooja (worship) for god
 = a matter of course

There’s no doubt at all.

Prayer for God and every day life is 
strongly connected in Sujata village.

Nobody doubts his/her existence.

That’s why people in Sujata village 
accept other people in natural way.

I feel in this way.

You can be here.
Be as you are.

Thank you for those messages 
you give me always, Sujata village!

From Meera


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