World of Oneness

Jan 2014,
I was astonished
by their pure and straight energy.

My strong memories
came back
after four and half years.

Their Kirtan is genuine…

My heart trembles.

10-year-old boys
became 14 to 15 years old now.

Boys are taller than me.
Their voices are broken.

They are not boys anymore
But strong young men.

Even though, they keep
pure and straight energy.

Souls are here.

We were born from 
the world of oneness.

Our soul is
originally the same.

The world is only one.

Those ideas come to me

They remind me.

Because they are
connected to gods
in very simple way.

Because they are connected to
their subconscious mind.

They only focus now and here.

They chant and
do Kirtan every day.

It must be important time,
but not special for them at all.

But for us,
from foreign countries,
it is heart-moving
and impressing experience.

We restore
a peaceful state of mind.

It reminds us something
very important
which we’ve lost
long long time ago.

Let you come here
and meet them
to connect with inner God of yours.

If you are the one
who wish to connect
with your inner God,

Share time with 
those who 
already connected to Gods.

Be relaxed and honest.
Then the souls start to
vibrate sympathetically.

Unnecessary dust or dirt
around your soul
will be washed away
by invisible holy shower.

At that moment,
you are with your pure heart.

You can know
what you really feel.

You can know
what doesn’t feel right.

Just share the time with them.

Let you participate
Meditation and
(chanting mantras with melody).

The key to restore yourself
Is here in Sujata village.

I’m sure.

Every person in the world
including you
are seeking this village

To restore.

To notice your source.

From the orphanage of
Nyranjana public welfare school
in Sujata village.

Although Sujata village
locates in Bihar
known as poorest state in India,

the village is full of
loving and healing energy.

The energy comes from
A lady Sujata who led
Buddha enlightenment
About 2,500 years ago.

By Mika Hirakawa


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