Three holly temples of Sujata village(Part 3)

This is the last article about the movie 
“Three holly temples of Sujata village” 
taken by the Indian government.

Have you seen the movie already?

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In last two articles, 
I shared about


 Today, I introduce you 
Dharmanaya temple 

Dharmanaya temple locates 
the outskirts of the village 
and it’s about 0.5km from 
Shiva temple.
From ancient times, 
local people kept praying 
for having babies at this temple. 

They hold pooja, 
Hindu worship. 

More than 150,000 people participated Yaggya, 
fire ceremony at this place.

“Yaggya ceremony”

 To a big well in the temple, 
people throw offerings 
used in pooja ceremony 
for their ancestors.

 This means series of pooja for ancestors 
to leads to Moksha ends at last.

The flow of the pooja is as follows, actually.

1.Pooja at Saraswati temple
 2.Pooja at Shiva temple
3.Pooja at Dharmanaya temple 
4.throw all the offerings to the well 

By the way…

This temple has 
two other commonly known names.

 One is “Buddha palace”.

“Buddha statue”

Because it is said that 
Buddha dropped here 
after 6-year-ascetic practices 
at Mahakara mountain.

The other name is “Ghost temple”.

Why ghost…?
I asked to one of the villagers.

To the well of the temple, 
people kept throwing their hair 
to drive away evil spirit 
other than offerings 
used in pooja ceremony.

Thousands or millions of people’s hair 
with evil spirit…

That’s why ghost appear 
this place at night.

This is the reason villager call the temple 
Ghost temple”.

 The temple is lively 
with study groups 
such as learning Sanskrit at daytime, 

but after it gets dark, 
no villagers visit here. 

Because they afraid the ghosts.

Ghost temple locates at deserted place 
with lots of palm trees.

No light at all, 
only the moon light helps.

But If you are courageous enough, 
shall we go to the temple 
after sunset?

From Meera


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