Three holly temples of Sujata village(Part 2)

Have you seen the movie about 
“three holly Hindu temples in Sujata village” 
made by the Indian government?

If not yet, check the movie below.

I shared “Saraswati temple” 
as the first sacred temple in the last article. 

In this article, 
I introduce you the second one, 
“Matangvapi Temple” 
commonly known as Shiva temple.

There are many Shiva lingam indeed.

A column indicated by yellow arrow is also a lingam.

Flowers are left after pooja, Hindu worship.

According to legend…

Once upon a time, 
there lived a sadhu (monk) 
named Matang.

He kept meditating 
by the way in the holly books 
to meet and talk with God.

In times long ago, 
before Buddha appearance, 

Sadhus meditated 
not for enlightenment 
but for Meeting God.

One day, 
finally Brahma came out 
in front of Matang 
and his wish came true.

Brahma is a creator god in Hinduism 
and said to have created the universe.

 “Matangvapi temple” was named after this legend.

Next to the temple, 
there is a sacred pond.

It is believed that 
the water purifies your body, mind and soul.

That’s why people bring the water home 
and when they suffer misfortune or sickness, 
they sprinkle the water 
to their head or drink a little bit.

 there is Buddhist Sujata temple
next to Shiva temple

This suggests that 
it is a power spot around here. 

This is a place 
where village lady Sujata offered 
Siddhartha(later called Buddha) 
milk rice. 

After 6-years extreme asceticism, 
Buddha was close to death, 
but the milk rice revived him. 

And he walked to forest of 
Uruvela(Bodhgaya now) 

and got enlightenment 
to became Buddha.

Sujata village holds 
both Hindu and Buddhist holy place.

From Meera


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