Happy distance

If you walk from pastoral Sujata village to 
lively Bodhgaya, 
you cross Niranjana river
 and it takes about 15 minutes.

Sujata village


Bodhgaya is famous for Mahabodhi temple 
which is classified as a World Heritage Site.

Mahabodhi Temple

I sometimes go to Bodhgaya for shopping 
because fruit and some daily necessaries are 
not available in the village.

One day, after shopping, 
I ordered fried rice to go 

at one of the restaurants 
near Mahabodhi temple.

 No customer was in the restaurant 
maybe because it was too late for lunch time.

I decided to sit down until the meal got ready.

Suddenly, someone sat down in front of my seat.


I looked up and found that 
he was a waiter who got my order.

He started playing with his smartphone 
without a word.


The other seats are vacant…

He just smiled when we met eye to eye 
as if nothing was wrong.

This is the nearest seat to the kitchen…

I understand 
it’s the most convenient seat for you…

I don’t care at all…

But it never happens in Japan.
Japanese people like to keep distance.

But Indians prefer to be close to other people.

Here in Sujata village, 
people sit next to me before I realize.

This is the natural distance for Indians.

Too close!!

Sometimes I feel in this way, 
but my heart says I’m glad.

Actually, I’m happy 
when someone is next to me.

It’s sometimes annoying… 
but am I enjoying this???

Here in the village, 
distance between the people are very close.

That’s why I feel like I’m welcomed anytime.

I feel like receiving the message

“You are the person to be here”

“It’s natural you are here”

This is one of the healing energy of Sujata village.

The gift given from the villagers every day.

I’m grateful to this.
Thank you, Sujata village!

From Meera


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