What Indian school notebook taught me.

From Sujata Village 
full of Sujata Healing Energy, 
Bihar, India.

Here in the village, 
temperature exceeds 
40 degrees these days. 

It’s a melting summer season now.

One day before 
the summer vacation started,
I visited Niranjana public welfare school.

The school was founded 
for the kids of poor family. 

The education is completely free of charge.

Children from 3 to 16 years are coming 
everyday happily with big smiles.

In the classroom of math.

Children are earnest about studying.
Their faces tell how they are serious.

But Wait!!

Notebooks are not placed parallel.

I mean, not like this.

Wait again!!

This girl also…

Not parallel, not strait.

Almost every student’s notebook is 
placed like this.

The teacher doesn’t give 
any warnings about this. 

It looks nobody cares about it.

But… for me, as grown up in Japan, 
this is a little bit uncomfortable look.

I can imagine easily that 
Japanese teacher would say NO to this.

“Notebooks shall be parallel to you!”

She must say. 
I’m sure.

And I realized
that I was having the same point of view 
of the Japanese teacher.

I’m just guessing.
Maybe slanting notebook is 
more comfortable to write…?

 This is the moment 
I got out from my small box.

If it’s parallel or not, 
it doesn’t make any difference.

You can choose the way you like.
It’s up to you.
As I am living in India, 
every day is full of culture shocks like this.

From small things to big things.

 This should be this.

I have to do that.

I had been often affected by those thoughts 
and got some wrong idea.

Japanese common sense is
NOT common sense in India.

Whatever is good.

Never mind.

Everything is possible in India!

Don’t worry, chicken curry.

As I spend time with those Indians, 
I am throwing away my stupid old ideas 
and upgrading my mindset!!!

Experience completely different culture of yours
here in Sujata village in India!

You'll realize 
everything is going fine and perfect.

The village is filled with 
healing energy of Sujata 
who led Buddha enlightenment.

Thank God, I'm here.

From Meera


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