Clever!? Indian traditional knife

Tell me,
In your countries, 
how do you cut vegetables?

In my country, 
we use knife and cutting board.

I grip a knife and 
move arm 
to cut vegetable. 

I didn't know other option
until yesterday...

Here in Sujata village 
in India...

You don't have to 
grip a knife!!!

See, knife is fixed and 
what you grip and move is 

No need of cutting board!

Wanna try?

Difficult at first maybe.

But you can learn anything
from anytime.

Don't worry.
You'll get hang of it soon!

(Chapati, Vegetable sabji and Fried Okra)

The lady is cooking for
orphan boys
who live in the dormitory of
Niranjana school in Sujata village.

Her meals are tender and yummy.

Makes the boys smile and healthy. 

From Meera


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