Seeding rice in India

I’m experiencing first Indian summer. 

In April and May, 
I thought it was better than I thought 
and I could bare days of over 40℃!

But monsoon season has begun 
and now humidity is mixed with high temperature, 
it’s very hard to stand…

June is rainy season and also the hottest season 
in Sujata village in India.

It’s so hot that even Indians say, 
“Its’ hot!!!” time to time.

But field work never waits 
whatever you say it’s too hot.

The other day, 
I thought something would happen soon 
to see this field.

An elder man is mixing soils by his hands.

The following day, 
water was added more 
and the man was plowing with a hoe.

In the afternoon of the same day, 
the water level raised more.

I thought transplanting rice seedlings 
would be carried out like in Japan, 
but I was wrong.

Because transplanting rice seedlings in Japan 
is carried out to the field with water like the picture above. 
And the water was gone from the field today.

Why the water gone…?

Oh, I found it!

Rice seeds are planted!!!

Rice with its husk.

Indian people plant rice seed 
but not transplant rice seedlings like in Japan 
as picture below.

Maybe, only in Japan, 
people grow rice seedlings first 
and then transplant them.

It takes time and effort…

Japanese people are very tidy...


The man pointed by orange arrow is Mr. Parween 
who already has a married daughter.

He is just enjoying the feeling of mud with his bare feet 
with another two working men.

He is a humorous and naughty village father.

He does what he wants to do 
without any hesitation.

He says what he wants to say.

He is like an eternal boy...

Walking inside muddy field attracted him 
and immediately he put off his shoes 
and entered the field!

It’s India and very Sujata village.

Everybody is doing 
what he or she wants to do naturally.

You can be yourself if you come here.

Sujata village helps you to live 
with your true heart…

From Meera


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