A chef who doesn’t talk much

Nice to meet you!

I’m yokko staying at SACHI HOME 
in Sujata village for a while.

One day I said, 
“I want to make chapati for lunch!!!”. 

Chapati is common Indian thin bread. 
It goes with vegetable or bean curry same as rice. 

I shall ask someone how to cook.

Oh, how good timing!
Parween-ji comes!

As I asked, 
he started mixing whole wheat flower 
without any word. 

It’s very simple to make chapati.

Water + Whole wheat flower 
Knead dough
Hold together the dough
Roll out the dough

A small frying pan is used to bake with high heat.

Wow, brilliant!!

The chef left again without a word.

Simple and tasty.
I could feel the good taste of wheat flower 
so that I even could eat without curry.

Smells so good!!!

April is harvesting time of wheat in Sujata village. 
The village has one milling machine. 

So, the people go there to make wheat flower 
from the wheat which they harvest from their field.

Wheat flower field continues 
as far as the eye can reach.

Parween-ji and the old man from the village 
put the wheat to the bags.

The wheat look like bursting with vitality.

I will cook chapati as Parveen-ji.

From yokko.


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