At the beginning of new day

Morning starts very early in India.

It is 3:30 and still dark.

Who wake up earliest in the morning?

They are … 
wild birds 
which said to exist more than 40 kinds in Sujata village.

There you are…!
Found you!!

Beautiful songs of wild birds wake me up.

It’s just 4 o’clock.
I can hear the sound of Mantra.

Mantra is a sound 
that is believed to have a special spiritual power 
from the universe 
and sang from ancient times.

Would you like to hear the wild birds singing 
and sound of Mantra…? 
Please close your eyes and enjoy the sound.

At the same time, babas(elder men) get up 
and come out to outside wells for washing faces. 
Their new day starts.

The leaves of mango trees are shining 
and very beautiful under the moonlight. 

I regard the leaves are gift or present 
which brings good luck from God to the Indian people 
who live tough and strong lives.

How is today going to be?

What shall I do today?

You can never have the same day as today.

At any time, any moment, 
you are given opportunity to meet 
new scene and new people.

The day of Sujata village starts today, again.

From Mika


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