Japanese traditional ecobag in Sujata village, India

In Sujata village, 
there’s a community center for women
 called “Sujata Ashram”.

 In the Ashram, village women can learn skills
 to generate money such as sawing.

Former article about the Ashram is here.

 The other day, 
we made Japanese traditional reusable shopping bag 
called Azuma-bukuro with girls 
who come to learn how to saw to the Ashram!

“Making Azuma-bukuro with Indian girls at Sujata Ashram”

Why Japanese eco-bag Azuma-bukuro…?

We want to change the situation of the village 
full of garbage everywhere.

“The current situation of garbage of Sujata village”

There’s NO collecting system of garbage, 
without segregation, 
garbage from houses are thrown away 
to the street or vacant land…

We hope the village to regain 
the beauty by reducing garbage.

“Beautiful agricultural field of Sujata village”

So, we start from what we can do.

That’s why we introduced Japanese Azuma-bukuro 
as a shopping bag to reduce plastic bags. 

To reduce plastic garbage which is not biodegradable 
and harmful is one of the most important things.

And to reduce plastic usage, 
reducing plastic bag is necessary.

Azuma-bukuro is made by rectangular cloth 
only sawing two parts. 

It’s Japanese traditional reusable bag.

You can avoid making waste pieces from cutting cloth 
and it looks so cute!

“How to make Azuma-bukuro”

We made Azuma-bukuro with the cloth 
used as bath towel and called Gamcha in India.

 It’s very common in India 
and every house has this cloth. 

Our Azuma-bukuro is a fusion of India and Japan!

We explained how to saw and started sawing.
Less than one hour, it was done!!!

“Azuma-bukuro made by Indian Gamcha”

As a first trial, we made very simple way,
 But we wish to make this bag to sell 
by adding originality and raising quality.

 This shopping bag, 
Azuma-bukuro shall be loved by village women 
and we hope that tourists from all over the world 
will love and buy the bags.

This will be one of the way to generate money
for village women.

We hope you'll be looking forward to it.

“With Azuma-bukuro which girls made!”

From Meera

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