If you walk in Sujata village

I’m yokko.

I like to walk early in the morning 
before it gets hot outside.

In Sujata village, 
people say “Namaste~” each other 
when they meet on a street 
even to the person you don’t know.

By the way…
I share what happens 
if you walk in the village.

🌿What is your name?

Many locals ask to me 
and they also tell their names.

Thank you very much, 
but I cannot remember 
unfamiliar Indian names…

(View of Sujata village)

🌿Do you have any brothers or sisters?

Many locals ask me this, 
but I don’t get the point 
why people want to know...

🌿Shaking Hands

Children put out their hands for me 
to shake hands. 

I feel like somewhat I’m a celebrity.

🌿Silver tooth 

I have a silver tooth by dental treatment. 
When I smile, the tooth can be seen easily. 

Locals are very interested in silver tooth
and  many questions I get!!!

Just walking in the village 
brings me to this kind of 
small communication with locals.

I love this Sujata village.

From yokko


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